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Where do we find bachelorette party favors?

Bachelorette Party Favor Resources

While there are some stores that specialize in bachelorette party supplies, you might not be lucky enough to have one nearby when planning your bachelorette party. Don't worry, there are plenty of alternatives, especially if you are prepared to get a little creative.

Your first stop should be your local resources. Check out non-specific party supplies stores to see if there is anything you can use – keep an eye out for toy tiaras, fairy wings, glitter, bubble blowers, and general party decorations like balloons. Ask the owners of the store whether they can recommend anything for a bachelorette party.

Next, forage in local toy stores and costume shops. Toy stores usually have a large range of dress-up toys that you might be able to use – pay special attention to the girls fairy and tea party sections. Look in costume shops for small items that could be used as gag gifts, such as toy ball-and-chain sets or cupid's arrows.

After this, browse through your internet directory for online bachelorette party supply stores. This does need to be done at least one month before the party date, as you need to allow time for shipping. This is a good way to get the bachelorette-specific items you need – things like that inflatable penis that will make your friend's face turn purple on sight.

Are there any unique bachelorette party favors?

Bachelorette Pledge Certificate

A bachelorette pledge certificate is a formal, written statement of the wild things the party attendee has agreed to do and never speak about after the bachelorette night out. You can find one or two such certificates online ( has one in JPEG format) or you can create your own quite easily in any word processing program.


Dress-up Party Favors

If you really want to make your bachelorette party guests get into the mood of the festivities, why not give everyone feather boas. The more colors the better (or you can choose the bride's wedding colors). Double the boas up with some feathery party glasses, and you'll all be dressed for a night of wild fun.

Bonus Tip: Other great, wearable party favors are party sashes and tiaras. Everyone can look like a princess or a beauty queen all night long!

What are some cute party favors for a really girly night out?

Old Fashioned Party Treats

Remember the parties of childhood, where you went home with a bag full of goodies, happily exhausted? Don't you sometimes wish you could experience parties like that again?

You can bring back the tradition of a party favor bag with a cute little bag of treats for your bachelorette party guests. Bachelorette parties regularly feature party favors or other bachelorette party items that guests can take home as a memory of the evening, and a bachelorette goodie bag is a great way to spoil your friends.

You can choose to buy low-cost party bags, either of paper or pretty material, or make a makeup bag your party favor bag, filling it with small treats like a lip gloss, hair clips, and candies – the more child-like the better.

Not everything in the bag has to be girl-specific, so look for favors in the children's area of your local stores. Pick one eye-catching cute favor and fill the rest of the bag with practical treats.

What do we do in between bars on the bachelorette night out?

Make An Impression

If you are worried about what to do in between bars on your bachelorette party night, make sure you supply each guest with bachelorette party items that will encourage them to have a good time.

Planning is the essential element to ensure the success of any party, and bachelorette party items such as noisemakers, party poppers and balloons can be given to guests as emergency measures to prevent boredom in between bars. Plan dares or party games that will keep guests involved in quiet periods. Attaching the words to your bachelorette's favorite party song on each noisemaker will also provide subtle encouragement for guests to serenade the bride in a quiet moment.

I don't want to give guests something that they will just throw away. What can I do?

A Useful Party Favor

Give each guest a personalized drink cup as a useful party favor that can be used again and again. These cups can be used all night, providing a drink for those dry stretches between bars and giving guests practical way of being sentimental.

When planning the party, keep a look out for stickers, decorations and cups that allow inserts to make each drink cup or bottle a personal party favor.

Bachelorette drink bottles, drink cups and bachelorette shot glasses are a good way of ensuring that no-one has the chance to slip anything into a guest's drink as the night goes on, taking some of the pressure of an organizer in her role of the watchdog for the party.

Providing guests with bachelorette drink bottles has the added bonus of ensuring guests will consume some water during the evening, meaning you won't have to deal with dehydrated and hungover bachelorettes in the morning!

Are there any special decorations I can use to decorating the house for a bachelorette party?

Decorating the House

>Bachelorette party decorations include specifics like penis balloons, horseshoes and banners, as well as general decorations and treats. Little touches are what makes a good decoration job work. Look for little things to add as a final touch, rather than concentrating on lots of event-specific decorations. A room filled with streamers that are gathered together with a garter here and there is more effective than a room filled with banners spelling out the event, or jumping penis toys (although there is no rule you can't include these as well!). Let your knowledge of the bride's style guide you in your decorating tasks.

What are some fun party favors for bachelorette parties?

Caution…Bachelorette Party

Make sure you pick some party favors that are in your favor. While you might be amused by making the bride wear shackles and tote around a humungous inflatable penis make sure she has a little fun too! If you're arranging the outing, invest in some party favors that will keep you all entertained. You don't need to invest in a guide to bachelorette favors to pick some good ones, just think about what will keep the bride-to-be and her posse entertained (and contained). First and foremost, this is an exclusive party and you don't want anyone intruding, especially if you're out celebrating. You've seen that obnoxious black and yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" caution tape, haven't you? Isn't it about time that you roped off your own potential crime scene? Order a roll of "Caution - Wild Girls" tape and section off your table or booth at the restaurant or club. Or, if you're really feeling wild, section off your own area of the dance floor. And, no matter what, don't let any outsiders in...except maybe the waitress whose bringing more drinks!

What do I put into the party bags?

Party Bags

Making up a party bag can be huge amounts of fun – especially if you know you will receive one yourself! When choosing items to put into the party bags for a bachelorette party, choose a range of favors that are silly, fun, sexy and usefully yummy.

Choose the bag to suit the theme for your party. For instance, if you are having a Bachelorette Devil Party, red, black or bags with a flame theme would be a good choice. Then choose party favors to suit. With our devil theme, things like devil horns for guests to wear during the festivities, devil lollipops (or even just red lollipops), naughty toys and Pepper Imps could go down well.

Can I make the party favors part of the fun in a bachelorette party?

Mini Bottles For Fun

Party favors don't have to be throw-away items that everyone loses throughout the night. Giving guests bachelorette party favors can be a way for you to sew the seeds of a bachelorette party game well ahead of time, lulling the bachelorette into a false sense of security.

One way to use party favors in this way is to give each guest a piece of a toy set of make-up, and ask them to give the bride a makeover. (This one is probably a better idea for a bachelorette party at home, if guests ever want the bachelorette to speak to them again).

Are vibrators good bachelorette party favor?

Feel the Vibes?

If you're going to have party games at your bachelorette event you're going to need to have prizes for the winners. And, believe it or not, a penis straw won't always do. If you really want to create a buzz amongst the guests try getting some "sweet" vibrators. These little gems should be the number one gift in any guide to bachelorette party favors. Now, admit it or not, we've all seen a vibrator before so you can stop acting shocked. And, even if they never get used, you can order some vibrators that are truly funny. You can get portable one-speed pocket vibrators in funny cases that resemble popular candies. Think "Betterfinger," "Toot-z-Pole," and "100 Orgasms." As you hand them out, however, remind the winners that they each require 1 AA battery that is not included.

Are shackles a good bachelorette party prop?

Let Her Feel the Pain

Kissing the single life goodbye can be hard to do and it's important that the future bride knows what she's getting herself into. To add some extra fun and embarrassment to the evening, weigh the bride-to-be down with some decorative shackles or a ball and chain (just make sure they're plastic, ladies). It's loads of fun to see the bride trying to go about normal activities while weighted down (especially dancing). Don't make her suffer to long though, especially if she's having a really hard time. It's okay to release the prisoner after a couple of hours. As with any other bachelorette activity, take the bride into consideration before springing this on her. Will she think it's funny or will she be offended? Make sure she's having a good time and remember that this is all in good fun.

What's a unique bachelorette party entertainment idea?

You, Baby, are a Seven

Have you really got all the bachelorette party supplies that you need? I think not. In a world full of male gawkers and cheesy pick-up lines isn't it about time that we subjected our male counterparts to a taste of their own medicine? Don't you dare think you're finished shopping for the big event until you've placed an order for some male rating score cards. Now, we've all seen at least a smidgen of a figure skating competition so we know how these things work. Someone performs and then is judged accordingly on a basic numerical scale. Now imagine using this same system to rate men based solely on their looks. You can't even deny that this idea has possibilities! Remember, however, before you hold up that "1" card that men have feelings too and these cards aren't meant to be hurtful. You should set a firm rule that the cards are only to be used in good fun an that no one should unjustly be dealt a card under a five. There are, however, extenuating circumstances that could earn a man such cards (stupid pick-up lines, rude comments, cockiness, etc.). Use all cards with caution.

Are there any bachlorette party cups or glasses?

Keep Your Own Glass

A great bachelorette party favor is to give each guest bachelorette shot glasses for the night out. Either have shot glasses printed with your party's slogan (this is not very expensive but usually must be done in bulk – consult with the bride to see if glasses would be appropriate for the wedding as well), or buy special bachelorette shot glasses from a party supplies store.

Is tasteful better for a bachelorette party?

Sometimes it's Better to be Tasteful

Not all bachelorette party supplies have to be phallic. As true as it is that most girls will get a giggle out of that penis shape balloon looming overhead, not everyone wants to eat cake off of a plate covered with tiny penises. Believe it or not, there are many tasteful party supplies made just for bachelorette parties. Before buying your bachelorette party supplies you don't necessarily have to read a guide to bachelorette party favors but you should take the guest list into consideration. Will the attendees be younger women with good senses of humor or will the bride's stoic mother-in-law or grandmother be there? Plan accordingly. When in doubt, play it safe. Go simple with a pink, black, and white color scheme and make sure that the only graphics are diamond, bows, or the word "bachelorette." Keep the conversations PG 13 and make sure that everyone is comfortable.

I don't want to buy party favors, but want to provide something. What do I do?

Hats and Veils for the Bachelorette Party

If you are stuck for treats to give guests at your bachelorette party, think of providing part of the costume. Many guests may be shy of coming to a party fully decked out to suit a theme, but will delight in putting on costume items once they are in a party mood.

Choose a small item that guests will be able to wear for the night. Bachelorette party items such as veils, tiaras, devil horns, feather boas and sashes are all widely available. Have guests decorate the bride as a way of introducing guests to each other before sweeping out into the streets for a night of fun.

Is an inflatable penis a good bachelorette party prop?

A Penis with Punch!

There's no denying that there's something funny about a gigantic inflatable penis. For twice the laughs, however, get one that doubles as a punching bag. The bride shouldn't be allowed to walk around without being a little hassled so make her drag around this sizeable gem for a little while (you can always deflate it if it gets old). You can get the monster six-foot number or a more manageable three-foot doozy (if you're feeling nice). Whichever you opt for, however, make sure that it never leaves the bride's side. It's ridiculously funny to make the blushing bride share spotlight dances with her new friend, especially if you can get the DJ to announce it to the crowd (as if they won't notice already). And, as the night progresses, it could be entertaining to let a select few brave men box the penis...if they dare, that is.

Should the future husband get a bachelorette party goody?

Bachelorette Gift for Him?

At the end of the bachelorette party the bride with have armfuls of naughty gifts and each guests will have a goodie bag and a penis shape balloon. Wait a minute, aren't you forgetting someone? While it's true that the bachelorette party is all about the bride and her girls, hasn't the groom earned himself a little something too? In reality it's not just the bride's big day and it's a really nice gesture to arrange for the husband-to-be to have something to take home (aside from his partied-out bachelorette). On the invitations request that each guest bring one tool (it might be a good idea to specify which one so that you don't end up with six hammers and three screwdrivers). if all goes well you'll be able to present the groom with the new household's first complete tool set. Okay, you're probably on to me by now...we all know that the bride will benefit just as much as the groom from this gift. She'll be getting her very own handy man but he'll be too blinded by the good gesture to know any better.

How should the bride-to-be be accessorized at her bachelorette party?

Tastefully Tacky

Ladies, you can't let the bride-to-be head out without being properly accessorized! Remember that it's up to you to make sure that she is the center of attention wherever she goes. Does she need an inflatable penis or two to accent that hairdo? Try inflating some condoms with helium and attaching them to her for the can be sure that no head will be left unturned. And, since you won't be inflating that entire box of condoms, get creative with the rest of them by trying them together with bows and making a broach, a corsage, or a hair accessory. In addition, instead of dressing her up in the normal "bachelorette" shirt or sash, write the word "BRIDE" in large letters on a white T-shirt. Then, write several random guy names all over the shirt. Tell the bride that she must find a guy with each of the names by the end of the evening and have sign the shirt next to his name and cross it out.

What are some good, naughty bachelorette party ideas?

A Little Naughty Can be Nice

You don't have to read a guide to bachelorette party favors and decorations to know that naughty is where it's at. The most popular things displayed and handed out at bachelorette parties tend to resemble male body parts. It's all in good fun, of course, as the main purpose of these functions is to give the bride-to-be some good-natured embarrassing fun before her single life ends. If you're planning the party, go crazy...why shouldn't you?! Stock up on some penis-shaped drinking containers and penis straws to serve cocktails in and serve appetizers and snacks on penis-printed plates. The future bride will surely be blushing but, c'mon, she'll only have one to look at for the rest of her life from now on!

How should the vehicle be decorated for the bachelorette party?

Make your Décor To Go

Decorations are key for a killer bachelorette party but what fun are they if everyone can't enjoy them? Putting the spotlight on the bride-to-be at all times is half the fun. Make sure that everyone knows of her presence…even when in route! Before you break them out know that there are much more creative ways to decorate your car or limo than streamers and a penis shape balloon (okay, along with the streamers and the penis shape balloon). The first thing you'll want to do is to write messages in shoe polish all over the windows (don't worry, it washes off) but be careful not to hinder visibility for the driver. Next, attach car flags to the vehicle that will flap proudly in the breeze announcing that there are bachelorettes on board. Don't forget to slap on some festive door magnets, a rearview mirror card, and, for goodness sake, you better attach some things to the bumper!! Some places, like, sell kits that come complete with most of the items listed above. Buying these items in bulk will cost you a lot less than buying them individually.

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