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What if I don't want to go crazy on a costume, but still have a theme?

Choose Your Color

Searching for girls night out ideas? If you are not the type of group to go crazy on a costume theme party, you can stull have a theme. In fact, choosing a simple color theme is the easiest way to organize a theme party, and it guarantees success. Either choose a color for the whole party (by asking guests to dress only in red, for example), or ask guests to choose their own color for the night. The important part is to inform guests to wear one color only in their whole outfit.


Bachelorette Slumber Party

A fantastic bachelorette party idea is a good old fashioned slumber party. You can pretty much guarantee that slumber parties won't be happening again in your bride's life, so now's the time to have one with all her best friends! Go all out with footie pajamas, pillow fights, dreamy crooners on vinyl, slam books, and lots of junk food. You may even want to play some old favorite games like Truth or Dare or Light as a Feather. Do seances, do dance contests, do each other's hair! Live it up one last time before your buddy gets hitched...just like you did when you were all little girls.

What are some theme ideas for a bachelorette party?

Theme Ideas

If you can't think up a theme idea, or can't get supplies for your bachelorette party theme, here is a list of themes that have easy-to-find supplies:







*scary (Halloween supplies can be used for this)




*cowgirls and Indians

*gangsters and showgirls (feather boas are handy for this theme)

What's the point system?

The Point System

Point systems are men's time-old way of keeping track of bachelorette party deeds. Write up a list of deeds that warrant points and hand out copies before the party begins. As the night continues, guests will need to keep track of their own and others' points – sabotage should be encouraged as part of the fun! At the end of the night, hand out an award to the guest who accumulated the most points (finally, a perfect use for that penis tiara!), possibly coupled with a couple of alka seltzers for the morning after.

Here are some items to include on your list:

*giving your best friend's phone number to a hot guy (two points)

*giving your mother's phone number to a hot guy (five points)

*giving your grandmother's phone number to a hot guy and standing there while he rings it (twenty points)

*taking your bra off while in the bar (five points)

*having someone else take your bra off in the bar (fifteen points)

*getting a guy's phone number (two points each)

*getting the bartender's phone number (five points)

*having someone buy you a drink (two points)

*having someone talk dirty to you (two points)

*invent a new drink with a sexual name, and convince the bartender to make it for you (five points)

How do I throw a scrapbook bachelorette party?

Scrap That Idea

You're ready to scratch all those raunchy girls night out ideas and plan something special, good for you. But what now? Plan a simple get together at your home. Set up appetizers, break out the girly drinks, and get ready for the memories. Instruct every invitee to bring as many pictures or peices of memorobelia having to do with the bride that they can. Make sure that you specify that these must be things that they are willing to part with (remind them that photos can be reprinted quite cheaply).

Buy a large scrapbook and plenty of scrapping materials (you might ask the guests to bring some of these items as well). On the day of the party, dump all of the photos and items on a large surface and sort them in groups according to chronological order. Then, make a scrapbook using all of these memories. Have the girl that donated each photo or item write a personal message or anecdote next to it "I remember this day when you made me go that cheesy club so we could meet those guys " or "this is the ticket stub to that awesome Aerosmith concert that we snuck out to go to in the 10th grade."

*A good tip is to have ample tissues lying around because you're all going to need them!

What's a great bachelorette party idea to pamper the future bride?

Pamper the Bride-to-Be

Ahh, the future bride's days as a bachelorette are numbered, what are her closest partners in crime to do? Send her out in style, of course! What girl doesn't love to feel beautiful? Treat your bosom buddy to a day of getting gussied up.

Start the day off shopping. Collect a pool of cash from the attendees and let the bride pick out a smashing outfit (make sure she models it and gets the vote of the crowd). Next, head off to the salon for facials, manicures, and pedicures that will leave everyone glowing. Then, to top off the day of beauty, let the guest of honor get her hair blown out. Finally, it's time to put the morning's shopping escapade to good use, put those killer outfits on ladies and head out to show them off, even if you're just planning a simple dinner. Everyone is sure to feel like a million dollars, especially the bride-to-be.

How do I make the party unique?

Concentrate On the Bride

The only way to guarantee a unique bachelorette party is to concentrate on the person it is for – the bride-to-be. It is hard, at times, to extract likes and dislikes from a blushing bride at times, so you will have to make use of your present knowledge and observational skills, as well as the groom and the bride's mother. Celebrate the passing of this part of her life and the beginning of her life together with the groom by looking for things that remind her of her teenage years or early twenties single life. Ask her mother for her favorite clothes, games, toys, sports or TV shows as a child. Find out what her favorite band was as a teenager, or her favorite song, and check out the fashions of her teenage years.

What to do on the night out?

Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you are wondering what to do at a bachelorette party there are a variety of options available for your big night out. Just like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties can run the gamut from outrageous to mellow. It all depends on the personal preferences of the bride to be and the creativity of those planning the night out. Listed below are a few options in categories such as outrageous, popular and mellow.

Outrageous Bachelorette Party Ideas:

• Passion Party – a representative from an adult store comes to demonstrate and sell various sex toys, lotions, lingerie and other items
• Learning to Strip – some gyms now offer aerobics classes focusing on stripping and arranging for a private class can be an excellent idea for a bachelorette party
• Scavenger Hunt – set up a list of tasks for the bride to be to complete throughout the night such as kissing a man with a mustache or ordering a drink with an embarrassing name

Popular Bachelorette Party Ideas:

• Bar Hopping – renting a limousine or bus and visiting several different bars or nightclubs during the night
• Dinner – many bachelorette parties include dinner at one of the best restaurants in town
• Male Stripper – just like at bachelor parties, strippers are one of the most popular forms of entertainment at a bachelorette party

Mellow Bachelorette Party Ideas:

• Spa Day – a get together at a spa for massages, facials, manicures and pedicures is a popular bachelorette party idea for a laid back bride
• Cultural Event – a mellow bride who doesn't enjoy loud parties may enjoy a play or a concert in place of a traditional bachelorette party
• Weekend Getaway – whether you go to Las Vegas or the mountains a weekend getaway is an excellent bonding experience for the bride to be and her close friends

Is a slumber party a good bachelorette party idea?

Girls Night In

Bachelorette party time? Instead of a girls night out, why not plan a girls night in, slumber party style?! Oh, I know you remember the nights you spent in your young adolescent years, giggling until dawn and just enjoying being a girl. What a great way for the future bride to spend her last single night with her closest friends! Before the night begins, set one important rule: Everyone must wear their PJs and bring sleeping bags. When the guests arrive order pizza, eat junk food, and throw some goodies into the VCR (think Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty and Pink). Then, sit back and feel lucky that you've all survived high school. If you want to put a little more of an adult spin on this event, blend up some margaritas and play truth or dare (I'm sure the game will be a lot more interesting than when you played it in the 9th grade). You don't need a guide to bachelorette party planning or an expensive event coordinatot to pull of a great party, you just need all the girls and a place to crash!

Is a sleepover too juvenile a party idea?

Sleepover Party

Remember how fun it was to laze around a lounge-room in your PJs, snuggled up in blankets watching films with your friends? One of the coziest ideas for a bachelorette party is an old-fashioned sleepover, helping to bring back memories of innocent days when you could giggle over boys and feast all night on popcorn.

A sleepover is an easy and fun option for a different kind of bachelorette party that allows the bachelorette to relax with her friends and get a little bit closer to them before her big day.

Choose movies from the bachelorette's teenage years (think Pretty in Pink, Empire Records and the Nightmare on Elm St movie series – movies that don't require too much concentration), instruct guests to bring treats and their favorite PJs and pillow, and heat up a big bowl of popcorn. Give everyone a drink and start off the night by asking guests to share stories of their first kiss, their first date or the subject of their first teenage poster-boy fantasy.

Try including a movie musical part-way through the night for some riotous fun.

Is a comedy club a good bachelorette party venue?

Make it Comical

Instead of laughing at the bride-to-be while she makes a fool of herself all night, try laughing at someone else instead. Take the bachelorette party to a comedy club and send the chuckles someone else's way. Do an Internet search or flip through the phone book to find some comedy clubs in your area. Buy tickets and make reservations far enough in advance and you might score yourself a table in the front row. Another good idea is to let the club know that you're having a bachelorette party and see if the offer any packages or extras. Make sure that you make it obvious that your gal pal is about to get married (make her wear a sash or tiara) and it's likely that the comedians will make her the butt of at least one joke!

I've got a big idea, but how do I make it work?

Getting Started

Are you full of ideas for a bachelorette party, but not so hot on the details? The party is all in the planning. Get the night started by bonding the group together. This can be done in a number of very simple ways, usually involving handing out some sort of emblem for the party.

Try printing out individual name badges for each guest to help them get to know each other. Keep the badges simple but cute (the worst thing in the world is being forced to wear a hideous-looking name badge).

Get each guest to take a bachelorette pledge, and drop hints of the night yet to come in the promises they make, or have the guests sign a bachelorette pledge certificate as a souvenir of the night (see the Bachelorette Pledge Certificate tip for more on this idea).

By having some form of unifying activity at the start of the night, you get everyone talking with each other right off the bat, and avoid the group splitting into its different sections if people don't know each other.

How can I plan an elegant bachelorette party?

An Elegant Evening

If you look through any guide to bachelorette party planning, you're likely to be greeted with a tasteless assortment of phallic-themed ideas. However, who says that bachelorette parties have to be tasteless and debaucherous? Plan an elegant affair instead. Lay out the white tablecloth and break out the silver and the crystal. Arrange a four course meal, even if it entails ordering from a fancy restaurant. Invite all of the girls that are the closest to the bride-to-be and tell them to wear their cocktail dresses and heels because this is a fancy dinner. For the evening let all of the ladies feel like they are VIPs at a five star restaurant. And, don't forget to break out the bubbly and give a toast to the real VIP and the guest of honor, the bride-to-be.

Shall I take the bachelorette party asea?

Ships Ahoy!

Ahh, the bridal celebration before the wedding. Who will ever forget their bachelorette party (on purpose, anyway)? It's up to you to make sure that the bride-to-be has the time of her life so don't drop the ball, girlfriend. Chances are this woman is very special to you so you'll want to make this event special for her. Why not opt for an adventure asea?

Invite all of the closest women to the bride, pack oodles of sunscreen, and charter a boat. There are vessels available for charter everywhere, you just need to pick your pony. If you want a relaxing day gliding in the breeze, rent a giant schooner and a sailor to show you the ropes. If you feel the need for speed and excitement, rent a speed boat and pack some skis. If you just want to relax, however, look into a yacht or a cruise boat. These options aren't as expensive as you'd think (especially with multiple women chipping in). Do your planning right and it will be smooth sailing.

Are bachelorette theme parties a good idea?

Go With The Flow

A bachelorette party is a night of bonding and unity between girls who are seeing a close friend or relative off into the world of commitment. Want to let the world know about your bond (and get a lot of great attention in the mean time)? Consider a bachelorette theme party. If you're going the theme route, don't just pick any theme or everyone on the guest list might not be able to pull something out of their closet that will do. And, a difficult theme might discourage some girls from dressing up or coming at all. Some easy themes to pull off are: black dresses, boas and tiaras, cowboy hats and jean skirts, or, if you really want to be simple, have everyone wear the same color. A theme party is sure to get you all noticed and you'll have heads turning your way all night long. Be sure, however, that you let the bride-to-be wear a little something extra that will help her stand out from the flock (a crown, a flashing button, or a sash).

What is a clever bachelorette party idea?

Toss Out the Girls Night

Want to throw a unique bachelorette party? Unique bachelorette party ideas are sometimes hard to come up with so why not nix the all-girls fiesta? A clever alternative to a bachelorette party is called a "Jack and Jill Party." Jack and Jill parties are coed gatherings and the guestlist should consist of the friends and relatives of both the bride and groom.

Jack and Jill parties tend to get quite large so it's a good idea to hold them at a restaurant or event hall and you may want to charge a small fee per head (they can get pricey). So, you can toss out the drinking games for this one since children, future inlaws, and grandparents are likey to be in attendance. Instead, try playing fun group games. Make up various questionaires consisiting of questions about the couple's courtship, relationship, and engagement. You can make the games even more fun by offering inexpensive prizes to the winners. This might also be a good opportunity for everyone to mingle before the big day...imagine how much more fun the reception will be if a lot of the attendees have already been acquainted!

How do I plan a country bachelorette party?

Yee Haw!

Good country people, you've heard of them. If the bride-to-be happens to be one of them, throw her a unique bachelorette party that will make her feel at home. Think barbecue, think hayrides, think square dancing! If a good old country soirée is something the bride would fancy who are you to deny her? You will, of course, want to hold the even outside.

If you don't have the space to accomodate an outdoor event, talk to everyone on the guest list and find someone who does. Any table and chair combination will do (we've already established that this isn't meant to be a formal event). Make sure however, that you provide ample seating. Cover all of the table surfaces with inexpensive table cloths. Red and white checkered coverings will make the best showing but, as an alternative, use several mismatched cloths. As certerpieces use jars of glasses filled with wildflowers and sprinkle each table with cororful confetti.

The menu is simple, serve anything that you can throw on the grill. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs are fine selections( just be sure to have a vegetarian option available). Serve sides of potato salad, coleslaw, and corn on the cob and place a basket of sliced bread on each table. When chow time is over, set up the entertainment. Look online or in the yellow pages and search for square dancing options. Many places will send someone out to your event to run the dance for you. If this type of thing isn't available, get your own music and improvise. Making up your own dances can be a hoot and the bride is sure to be grinning from ear to ear throught the entire event.

How can I plan a memorable bachelorette party?

Ahh, Sweet Memories

Are your bridal party ideas for the bride's last single night pretty lame? Are you reaching for unique bachelorette party ideas? When inspiration fails to strike don't worry. Just remember that the bride wants to spend some quality time with the girls that have seen her to where she is.

Chances are that the bachelorette guestlist will consist of women from all different parts of the bride's life, why not embrace that? Request that each attendee bring things that will dredge up memories from the past. We're talking junior high photos, high school yearbooks (yikes), soccer action shots, college clippings and syllabuses, company Christmas party snapshots, etcetera. Spend the evening reminiscing and racing down memory lane (as painful as some of it may be).

*To really bring the idea to life, listen to music and/or watch movies that you grew up with. The bride-to-be is graduating to an entirely new stage of her life so make sure she never forgets about all of the things and people that got her there.

How should I dress the future bride for her bachelorette party?

Dress to Impress…or Not

Don't you dare let the future bride go out in public without making a scene! This is HER night so try to get all eyes on the bride by making her a costume. Make her a veil covered in condoms and attach it to a flashing tiara. T-shirts printed with cheesy slogans or embarrassing pictures are always a hit (if you go this route, bring some permanent markers and let hunky guys decorate the shirt). A sash that reads "bachelorette" is another popular idea. Whatever you choose to dress the bride in, make sure she gets noticed and feels special. If you head out to a dance club make sure that you clue the DJ in so he can make a special announcement or even set her up with a spotlight dance.

How do I throw a really girly bachelorette party?

Are They Really Meant to Be?

You don't have to break out the guide to bachelorette party bliss to paln a successful event. Get all the bachelorettes together for a great girls night. Make girly drinks, tell embarrassing stories, and reminisce about the past, pre-engagement days. Want a really great idea that will be fun for the bride-to-be? Make a list of very personal questions, "when was your first kiss" or "what was your most embarrassing moment with Katie?" or even "what do you like the best about Katie?" And, if you really want to pry, ask something like "how long does sex last?" Then, quiz the groom ahead of time. On the eve of the girls' gathering, ask the bride the same questions and see how many answers match up. This is a good opportunity to see how n' sync the bride and the groom really are.

What should I include on my bachelorette party invitations?

Invite Etiquette

No matter how great of a ladies night out you planned, it won't happen unless you get those invitations out. Your bachelorette party invitations can look however you choose, but they should tie in with your theme and include all important information (place, time, attire, directions, atc.). If you want to save some time or money, electronic invitations via email are great options. If you go the electronic route you can avoid the postage costs and you can customize them. However, make sure that you follow up as some people don't frequantly check their email. Regardless of how you get those invitations out, they should mention what type of party will be going down (naughty or nice), so that there are no surprises. How naughty this fiesta becomes is up to you and your invitees. But, be considerate of all involved and try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. *If you expect any contributions (money, gifts, or food items) you should mention that on he invitations as well.

What's a "fun party"?

Naughty Delivery

Fresh out of girls night out ideas? Are you desperately searching for unique bachelorette party ideas? Try having a fun party. Fun parties are naughty little gatherings where a saleswoman actually shows up on your doorstep to sell unmentionables to the guests.

Ever had an inkiling of interest in purchasing some completely tasteless lingerie, edible panties, or an exciting sex toy but didn't have the guts to march into that X-rated shop? Have no fear ladies, now the sex shop can come to you. And, surrounded by friends, you'll feel more at is a "fun party" afterall. You can easily find a way to book this type of party online or in the yellow pages.

*One rule of thumb should be that each attendee is required to buy at least one item for the bride as a gift (this is something you'll want to make clear on the invitations). As an added bonus for the hostess with the mostess, the person who hosts the party generally earns commission off of every item purchased. If that isn't insentive, I don't know what is.

Is wine tasting a good bachelorette party idea?

Give Her Something to Wine About

Don't want a stereotypical bachelorette party that ends with everyone slipping dollars into speedos or taking rounds of shots? Try something completely different. Instead of waiting for a girls night out, take a girls day or weekend and head to the vineyards. Winetastings are a great way to get in some bonding, take in some views, and sample some fine wines. When heading to the vineyards for a bachelorette party, consider packing a picnic lunch or some delicious cheese to enjoy with your wines. Once you're done sampling, purchase some bottles to take with you. Then, later in the evening, get the girls all cleaned up and break open the bottles. Spend the evening at someone's home chatting and sipping. Just because it isn't a crazy party doesn't mean it won't be memorable.

How do I plan a skiing bachelorette party?

Cool Ideas for the Bachelorette

Who says that bachelorette parties have to be hot and heavy? Instead of sweating up a storm in a sizzling club or dropping dough in a steamy strip joint, sign up for some cool fun.

Rent a lodge or suite at a popular ski resort and take the bridal party celebration to the slopes. Before deciding on a place, call around and inquire about packages. Many resorts are more than happy to give large groups price breaks and many will throw in fun extras (like free champagne). To show your unity, have the entire party wear matching hats and gloves (they would make awesome gifts for the guests).

Where do I get inspiration and help planning the bachelorette party?

Resources for Ideas

There are plenty of bachelorette ideas out there if you are willing to look for them. Many venues will go out of their way to help if you are bringing a large group their way, and some places will offer you special deals for bringing a bachelorette party to the venue. *ask the restaurants on your list what they will provide for you (it's not use planning an event and then finding the venue won't accommodate you) *check out your local directory for party supplies, but before buying look in the internet to see what online stores can provide. Compare prices and the range of goods available. *look up local tour guides for packages for your group. *ask limousine companies what they charge for an evening of chauffeuring, and compare it to the prices from your local taxi service. *investigate bus companies and see whether you can hire a party bus. *make a list of bars and call around to see what they offer.

How do I plan a relaxing bachelorette party?

Piece Meal

Are you on a mad search for great girls night out party planning ideas? Relax, it's easier to plan your gal pal's event than you think. Chances are that if you're planning the bachelorette party you're the maid of honor and know the bride very well. What types of things does she enjoy? Still stuck? Well, I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate a fantastic meal.

If you go the restaurant route for you bachelorette party, instead of limiting yourself to one restaurant, however, why not let your courses span across town? Pick multiple good restaurants and enjoy one course at each one. Start at your favorite bar or pub for predrinks. Then, slip into that cute Tapas joint for appetizers. Next, get fantastic salads at that Italian place down the street. Get the picture? This is a great way to bond with all the girls and to try those restaurants you've been itching to get into for so long. Another word of advice, don't be affraid to mix food genres. Who says you can't follow miso soup with fajitas?

How can I plan a psychic bachelorette party?

Look Into My Crystal Ball!

Your best buddy is getting married and you want to do something exciting for her on her last ladies night. Well, how about some soul searching…literally. How about a phsychic or astrology party? Let a professional be your guide to bachelorette party magic. Invite all of the bride-to-be's closest friends and female relatives over and order up a real life psychic or astrologist (check your local yellow pages). If you're really picky, you might want to check out a few of these "mind readers" ahead of time so you don't risk being disappointed. Then, let the fun begin. Hold the main party in large room, like the living room. Set up a smaller room with a door to have the readings in. If you want to go all out, break out the candles, crystals, curtains, and crystal balls to make it look really authentic. Keep in mind, however, that the psychic or astrologist might bring her own items to set up or might feel uncomfortable with yours. Make sure that you talk to your hired guest ahead of time, letting her know who the bride-to-be is (she better know already) and arrange it so that the future bride gets an extra long and exciting reading.

What is a kooky, unique bachelorette party idea?

Make It A Rocky Horror Night

Give your bachelorette the night of a lifetime by taking her to a midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This cult hit, which has singing, dancing, and transvestites (what more could a girl want) is a perfect party event.

Get guests to dress up as characters from the movie (the reluctant ones can just dress in general black), arm yourselves with a newspaper and a water pistol, and get ready to do the "Time Warp" again.

Midnight screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show are heavy on audience participation. Keep an eye out for what everyone else does and follow their leads.

Keep a particular eye out for the best line by the Narrator - 'dark, heavy and pendulous.'

Is miniature golf a good bachelorette party idea?


Your bachelorette party doesn't have to be something that's better off viewed on Cinemax! If you want to have more fun and bonding and less sleaze and fondling at the bachelorette party that you're throwing, skip the skanky strip clubs. If you want to enjoy a unique bachelorette party, rent out a miniature golf course for a few hours.

At the miniature golf course, place prizes near all of the holes and hide clues throughout the course (no cheating, either). If the course allows or provides it, make some of the prizes drink coupons. As party favors, give out argyle knee socks and cheap visors. If you really want to get creative, personalize each visor with paint pens. And, if putting gets old (stranger things have happened) I bet those go-carts are calling your name. Who knows, maybe a good bump will knock that bride-to-be to her senses...just kidding!

How do I get a stripper for a bachelorette party?

Make the Strippers Come to You

The last fling, the last hoorah, the last night of freedom! Whatever you choose to call the bachelorette party, make sure it's a doozy! You want your pal to have a great time. Keep in mind that she's about to commit herself to one man for the rest of her life. For goodness sake, make sure she gets to be surrounded with some hunky men on her last night as a single lady. Instead of going to a dirty strip club, arrange to have a stripper (or strippers) come to your living room or hotel room. If you hire your own personal stripper(s) you won't have to share them with an entire night club full of ladies and the future bride will get all of the attention that she deserves. In addition, if you order your own stripper, you can customize him. You have the luxury of specifying what you would like your man meat to look like and you may even get the opportunity to specify what type of costume you would like him to wear (police man, fireman, etc.). Go ahead and be selfish and get your very own stripper...your friend has earned it.

How do I plan a lazy, relaxing bachelorette party?

Down with Hectic

Why is it that most bridal party ideas for the bachelorette party end up leading you to skeezy strip clubs where you stuff singles into some slub's G-string as you sip bellinis from a penis straw? While this idea may appeal to the masses why not take a step back from hectic? Planning a wedding is hectic enough and you better believe that the bride-to-be has been on the go for months orchestrating the event. What's the best thing you can do for her? Help her relax! Instead of taking her bachelorette party to the clubs, take it to the beach. How's that for unique bachelorette party ideas?

Put on some big sun hats, pack a cooler and a picnic lunch, buy batteries for that portable stereo, and then plop your bachelorette party down in the sand. Taking an entire day to relax and do absolutely nothing but bond with her favorite gals is probably EXACTLY the kind-of thing the bride wants. Keep in mind, however, that the sun has lasting effects. Make sure that the bride is lathered with sunscreen and, for goodness sake, make sure that her bathing suit straps are consistent with the straps on her dress. If disaster does strike, however, make sure you get that girl to a tanning bed to even up those tan lines, she's got a wedding to go to!

Is going away really expensive?

Get Out of Here!

Consider going away for a weekend for your bachelorette party – it's not as expensive as you think. Pick a town or city you'd love to visit, and investigate the cost per person if you threw a luxurious sleepover party in one room at a hotel. Investigate bed and breakfast venues in your local area for a brief but relaxing break – most B&Bs offer little luxuries like chocolates, massage oils and spa baths in the bathroom that can be a little bit of heaven.

Traveling interstate doesn't have to be the daunting expense it seems, either. Investigate cheap flights and consider taking advantage of off-peak fares with a mid-week overnight trip to a quick but memorable bachelorette party. Cut costs by taking advantage of the free entertainment some cities provide and share rooms to split the costs of accommodation (see the 'Bachelorette Party Cities' section for a great Las Vegas free bachelorette party idea).

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