Naughty Delivery

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What's a "fun party"?

Naughty Delivery

Fresh out of girls night out ideas? Are you desperately searching for unique bachelorette party ideas? Try having a fun party. Fun parties are naughty little gatherings where a saleswoman actually shows up on your doorstep to sell unmentionables to the guests.

Ever had an inkiling of interest in purchasing some completely tasteless lingerie, edible panties, or an exciting sex toy but didn't have the guts to march into that X-rated shop? Have no fear ladies, now the sex shop can come to you. And, surrounded by friends, you'll feel more at is a "fun party" afterall. You can easily find a way to book this type of party online or in the yellow pages.

*One rule of thumb should be that each attendee is required to buy at least one item for the bride as a gift (this is something you'll want to make clear on the invitations). As an added bonus for the hostess with the mostess, the person who hosts the party generally earns commission off of every item purchased. If that isn't insentive, I don't know what is.



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