Make the Strippers Come to You

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How do I get a stripper for a bachelorette party?

Make the Strippers Come to You

The last fling, the last hoorah, the last night of freedom! Whatever you choose to call the bachelorette party, make sure it's a doozy! You want your pal to have a great time. Keep in mind that she's about to commit herself to one man for the rest of her life. For goodness sake, make sure she gets to be surrounded with some hunky men on her last night as a single lady. Instead of going to a dirty strip club, arrange to have a stripper (or strippers) come to your living room or hotel room. If you hire your own personal stripper(s) you won't have to share them with an entire night club full of ladies and the future bride will get all of the attention that she deserves. In addition, if you order your own stripper, you can customize him. You have the luxury of specifying what you would like your man meat to look like and you may even get the opportunity to specify what type of costume you would like him to wear (police man, fireman, etc.). Go ahead and be selfish and get your very own stripper...your friend has earned it.



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