Turn the Tables

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Turn the Tables

How many ladies are tired of feeling like they're up on a block everytime they walk into a bar? Sickened by sketchy men turning and ogling like they have every right to look women up and down? Well, I believe it's about time to turn the tables. One of the most ingenious bachelorette games I've ever come across is called "Scavenger Hunk" and it is definitely as much fun as it sounds (and just as deliciously judgmental). Scavenger Hunk comes with a board that has an illustrated list of "hunks" that you must find, in two hours. The game includes an erasable pen so you can cross each man off as you locate him. The first one to find all of the men on the card wins! Contrary to the game's title, not every man on the list is a "hunk". Some of the descriptions include "Heavy Metal", "British Punk", "Rich", and "Angry Hairy Guy." As you can imagine, this game has the potential to get ugly, especially when men inquire what you're doing and find themselves on the list...reactions will probably vary from flattered to downright insulted.



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