A Little Naughty Can be Nice

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What are some good, naughty bachelorette party ideas?

A Little Naughty Can be Nice

You don't have to read a guide to bachelorette party favors and decorations to know that naughty is where it's at. The most popular things displayed and handed out at bachelorette parties tend to resemble male body parts. It's all in good fun, of course, as the main purpose of these functions is to give the bride-to-be some good-natured embarrassing fun before her single life ends. If you're planning the party, go crazy...why shouldn't you?! Stock up on some penis-shaped drinking containers and penis straws to serve cocktails in and serve appetizers and snacks on penis-printed plates. The future bride will surely be blushing but, c'mon, she'll only have one to look at for the rest of her life from now on!



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