Make your Décor To Go

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How should the vehicle be decorated for the bachelorette party?

Make your Décor To Go

Decorations are key for a killer bachelorette party but what fun are they if everyone can't enjoy them? Putting the spotlight on the bride-to-be at all times is half the fun. Make sure that everyone knows of her presence…even when in route! Before you break them out know that there are much more creative ways to decorate your car or limo than streamers and a penis shape balloon (okay, along with the streamers and the penis shape balloon). The first thing you'll want to do is to write messages in shoe polish all over the windows (don't worry, it washes off) but be careful not to hinder visibility for the driver. Next, attach car flags to the vehicle that will flap proudly in the breeze announcing that there are bachelorettes on board. Don't forget to slap on some festive door magnets, a rearview mirror card, and, for goodness sake, you better attach some things to the bumper!! Some places, like, sell kits that come complete with most of the items listed above. Buying these items in bulk will cost you a lot less than buying them individually.



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