Bachelorette Gift for Him?

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Should the future husband get a bachelorette party goody?

Bachelorette Gift for Him?

At the end of the bachelorette party the bride with have armfuls of naughty gifts and each guests will have a goodie bag and a penis shape balloon. Wait a minute, aren't you forgetting someone? While it's true that the bachelorette party is all about the bride and her girls, hasn't the groom earned himself a little something too? In reality it's not just the bride's big day and it's a really nice gesture to arrange for the husband-to-be to have something to take home (aside from his partied-out bachelorette). On the invitations request that each guest bring one tool (it might be a good idea to specify which one so that you don't end up with six hammers and three screwdrivers). if all goes well you'll be able to present the groom with the new household's first complete tool set. Okay, you're probably on to me by now...we all know that the bride will benefit just as much as the groom from this gift. She'll be getting her very own handy man but he'll be too blinded by the good gesture to know any better.



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