Bachelorette Parties in the Big Easy

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How can I throw a great New orleans bachelorette party?

Bachelorette Parties in the Big Easy

You don't need a guide to city bachelorette parties to know where the hot spots are. If want to let the good times roll on your last night as a single lady, plan a New Orleans bachelorette party. Start your spicy evening off with some great cajun food at one of New Orleans' countless delicious restaurants (like Tujague's, Jaques Ismo's, or Commander's Palace). After an exciting meal you will, of course, want to move the party down to Bourbon Street. The best thing about Bourbon Street is that both sides of it are lined with clubs and bars. When you get tired of dancing up a storm in one club you can move on to the next one.

One of the most popular bars for bachelorette parties on Bourbon St. is "The Cat's Meow". This is a funky, two-story bar with endless possibilities. On the first floor you can put your name in a cue and take your turn at karaoke (no worries, no one will here you if you get the whole party up on stage together). And, if karaoke isn't your bag, head up to the second floor where you can listen to music and hang out on the balcony. The best thing about New Orleans is that the party doesn't stop until you throw in the towel. If you feel the urge you can party in the bars until dawn and why shouldn't you? It's your last night as a free woman!



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