Pot Party!

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How can I throw a great, artistic Chicago bachelorette party?

Pot Party!

Bachelorette party Chicago style! The biggest rage in Chicago bachelorette parties seem to be create-your-own pottery parties. If you decide to make pottery, it's a great idea to have every attendee of the party make a gift for the bride-to-be. You can plan these event at places like Glazed Expressions or PotHead). These places offer a large variety of items (dishes, bowls, vases, piggy banks, picture frames, etc.). Once you've selected an item, you can paint it with a colored glaze of your choosing.

During the glazing, it's a good idea to sip wine (pack your own). It's also great to ask that some members of the party bring appetizers. Once your pots are finished, the staff will then put them in the queue to be cooked in the oven and will give you a date on which they will be ready for pick up (on a different day). Keep in mind that the pottery will be less than impressive when you it initially, the baking will bring the colors to life.

Pricing of the unpainted pottery varies depending on which item you select (anywhere from $4 to $40). Depending on where you go, there may be an additional charge for glazing and firing or even a per hour charge. If you call ahead of time and let them know you're planning a bachelorette party, you might be able to talk your way into a discount.



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