Hey, Taxi!

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How should you get around during a New York bachelorette party?

Hey, Taxi!

When the drinking games at home get old, take your New York bachelorette parties to the town. Every smart girl knows, however, that it's never a good idea to drink and drive…especially if you want your friend to live to see her wedding day. If you haven't rented a limo or a party bus, hale a cab. If you haven't had a lesson in cabs, it's time you got one.

Know where you want to go ahead of time and know the exact address as drivers often don't know where even the most popular bars are (or at least pretend not to). Also keep in mind that cabs can only accomodate four people (five if the cab driver allows a passenger to sit shotgun). If you split up make sure everyone knows the destination. On a final note, you can tell if the cab is available by checking to see if the if the middle light on the roof is illuminated. When a cab is occupied, only the side sections of the light will will be lit. It's incredible how many people still don't know how to catch a cab!



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