Alcohol Rules

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What are the rules about alcohol and bachelorette parties?

Alcohol Rules

There is no hard and fast bachelorette party etiquette on alcohol, apart from those dictated by law. As with every event involving alcohol, it is important to consider how much of a part alcohol should play in the party.

Lack of consideration at the planning stage can be disastrous and hurtful, as one friend writes: 'I was in a wedding where the MoH wanted to have strippers and I talked her out of it, but she decided we'd go to a bar instead. With the bride's mother and aunts. She proceeded to tell “kooky” stories about all the times the bride had snuck out or had sex under the nose of her guardians when she was living at home with her mom or with one of the aunts present. To add to this thoughtlessness, the mother of the bride has a substance problem and is on medication that interacts with alcohol.'

Ask the bride, groom and bride's mother about guests preferences when it comes to alcohol when planning the event, in order to judge the balance between drinkers and non-drinkers. You may need to compromise, and it is always a good idea to provide a no-alcohol avenue to avoid pressuring anyone to drink. Some guests may have personal reasons to avoid alcohol they are reluctant to reveal.



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