Party Games As Fundraisers

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What are the fundraising games like?

Party Games As Fundraisers

The tradition of bachelorette party games such as "Suck For A Buck" and the candy necklace challenge are well known ways of combining bachelorette party fun with a little fundraising. The danger with these games is that they are very personal. Fundraisers don't have to have such a personal element. Bachelorettes can sell a "Suck for a Buck" by carrying a posy of lollipops for the evening, encouraging strangers to keep their distance while still exploiting people's wish to join in a bachelorette's night of fun and the bachelorette still ends up with a tidy honeymoon fund at the end of the evening. Be sure to provide a padded bat for this excursion, though, in the interests of not aiding an abetting a drunken brawl!



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