Truth or Dare Ideas

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What are some good dare ideas?

Truth or Dare Ideas

An obvious party game for some bachelorette party fun is an old fashioned game of truth or dare. It's not always easy to think up a suitable range of bachelorette dares, especially when you don't know the guests very well, so here are some ideas you can use:

*Truth questions: describe your first kiss, your very first date, your prom night, the man you lost your virginity to, your first love, your first crush, your first celebrity crush (great potential for embarrassment here), the song you would most like to have sex to, the most unusual place you have ever had sex, the weirdest dream you ever had, the weirdest experience you ever had… the list goes on.

*Dares: take off your bra at the bar, tell that man over there that you're in love with him, convince a stranger that you're a nun on a night out, do an artistic improvisational dance to a song that's playing, convince someone to go out with your grandmother… Just think of slightly embarrassing things you would be scared to do, but would still find fun. That's what the game is all about.



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