Sleepover Party

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Is a sleepover too juvenile a party idea?

Sleepover Party

Remember how fun it was to laze around a lounge-room in your PJs, snuggled up in blankets watching films with your friends? One of the coziest ideas for a bachelorette party is an old-fashioned sleepover, helping to bring back memories of innocent days when you could giggle over boys and feast all night on popcorn.

A sleepover is an easy and fun option for a different kind of bachelorette party that allows the bachelorette to relax with her friends and get a little bit closer to them before her big day.

Choose movies from the bachelorette's teenage years (think Pretty in Pink, Empire Records and the Nightmare on Elm St movie series – movies that don't require too much concentration), instruct guests to bring treats and their favorite PJs and pillow, and heat up a big bowl of popcorn. Give everyone a drink and start off the night by asking guests to share stories of their first kiss, their first date or the subject of their first teenage poster-boy fantasy.

Try including a movie musical part-way through the night for some riotous fun.



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